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AppTek provide assistance services to companies willing to develop their offer in project mode.

Our intervention ranges from Assistance to Project Management, to complete Product Management, including Strategic Marketing, for highly technical or business-oriented projects.

AppTek’s Project Management benefit is maximized in cross-cultural contexts, thanks to 20+ years experience with Asian, American, and European companies.

We help our clients to:

– Manage their projects, from initiation and market demand, to final product or service

– Industrialize their products through tailor-made tools (process analysis, lean management, Obeya or war-rooms…)

– Ramp-up their international supply-chain for their new products and services

Intervention mode is tailored according to customers’ actual need, from a punctual action to medium–term support, through project and management organization.

All interventions are based on close cooperation with our clients, and driven by practical decisions and actions designed with the Board:

– Visual management

– Change management

– Continuous presence with the team

AppTek have cooperated with major aerospace players (Safran, Airbus DS, Teledyne DS…) to industrialize their products. We have also worked with Alstom Grid (GE), and Siemens T&D to adapt their offer to the market. SME’s have used our services too, like Franklin/Duval-Messien (France), Easygrid (China), Coelme (Italy), Solarmems (Spain).

Nos services à haute valeur ajoutée / Our high added value services

Project Time Optimization

Focus, no hassle, result-oriented service

Business and growth oriented

Project Management to serve your success


Project Management methods are made to be twisted


Agility, responsiveness are our DNA


We bring 30 years of industrial experience

Permanent dialogue

Zero ready-made. Exchange and co-engineering of your solution

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