Corporate Social Responsibility

At AppTek, we consider that Social Responsibility is not dependent on company size. Thus, we take pride in being exemplary despite our SME status. More: the core of our business is deeply connected with social progress and knowledge sharing to prepare and preserve the world for our children.

Our policy is based on 3 main axes:

Social progress at the heart of AppTek's business

In essence, each and every mission of AppTek is about improving co-operation between stakeholders that may potentially enter in conflicts due to divergent targets, interests or simply culture.

We are proud to contribute to social progress through our daily project actions

Test us, bring your subjects. We are always proud to show that the above is not void wording, but a real recipe for our success, and yours.

Equal opportunity is just normal

Because we are professionals in Project Management, we are aware of all the perverse effect of monoculture on the outcomes of a project. We foster diversity of genders, cultures and origins as a necessity to achieve goals in the shortest time, but more, to unveil real innovation and improvement of our methods, and our customers’ ones.

With equal experience, qualification, and motivation, AppTek team member is:

Man-Woman listening

You recognize yourself in the above? Our customers will certainly be happy to work with you, but we are sure you will slip into our company’s culture!

There is no Planet B...

… and if there is one in the Galaxy, it will remain out of reach for enough time for us to waste ours, if we do not take care of it.

Our actions are questioned following our sustainability evaluation grid