Our solutions


Most of the time, we proceed with an audit before considering an intervention. It allows to commonly appreciate with our customer what is at stake and what can be our added value.

This audit, secured by a Non-Disclosure Agreement is broken down into interviews with some key-people, based on a list of specific questions, and getting acquainted with the company reality: production or assembly site, visit to some critical partners…

At the end of this phase, that lasts from 1 to 3 days, we issue a diagnostic report and the decision to trigger an intervention is taken in common. If this happens, the audit is not invoiced and included to the action plan.

Project Management and PMA

We are a third party, with no personal stake, and a cross-functional and benevolent vision. This is a significant contribution in performance, and time- and financial-oriented objectives. Numerous clients testify to the approach effectiveness.


The pluses compared to internal management are multiple:

  • Objective and honest evaluation of progress axes.
  • « Best-of » between external best-practices and existing methods in the company.
  • Design and set-up of the most relevant indicators for the project.
  • Build-up and follow-up of schedules.
  • Build-up and maintenance of visual management tools: War-Rooms or Obeya, dashboards…
  • Setting-up of a concise, synthetic reporting, enabling the Steering Committee and the Board to make secured and quick decisions.

AppTek’s intervention is very pragmatic. Our consultants not only advise on methods: they are in charge, and participate in implementation and all Project Management daily actions, close to the team. Their technical and human experience brings facilitation and fluidity in exchanges between parties that do not always have the same stakes.

Its impact on the project drumbeat is measurable: faster, more rigorous, more regular.

Industrialization and ramp-up

We can intervene at the time when Engineering transfers the project to Production or Manufacturing Design, or just after. AppTek consultants put in place the necessary tools to ramp-up following, in a similar way to a complete PMA mission

In this case, actions will be focused onto:

  • Setting-up Production Monitoring tools, for our client, and for their possible sub-contractors.
  • Ramp-up monitoring, bottlenecks and other possible issues anticipation and mitigation, through dedicated and custom tools like WiP charts (Work in Progress), procurement plan, provisional and real schedule, etc…
  • Supply-chain monitoring tools: setting-up of indicators, War-rooms or Obeya by the vendors, negotiation of realistic milestones for series production kick-off…
  • Support to negotiation with the client, specifically when Engineering sequence has not solved all technical issues, and when it becomes necessary to challenge some technical options to make the product easy to manufacture.

AppTek consultant objectivity and pragmatism contributes to have preventive and corrective actions accepted and supported by all stakeholders.

Have diversity cooperating

This AppTek’s DNA. We take profit of our 30-year experience in international context, and with projects involving companies of all sizes and nationalities.

Moreover, the consultant’s experience enables him to exchange in an assertive way with all stakeholders: board, sales, production, engineering… and to understand everyone stakes without prejudice, before proposing the actions that will push the teams forward.


For every intervention, AppTek will take care to:

  • Favor direct contact with all stakeholders, through frequent visits.
  • Identify the obstacles created by emotional or cultural filters.
  • Put every team in motion by clearing these obstacles.
  • Build the ad-hoc project management system, to which everyone contribute.
  • Design and standardize reporting and indicators for the board.
  • Formalize and capitalize on success/issues to build your Project Management method.

Product Management

We obviously take into account the methods and processes already existing in the company. Additionally, where necessary, and in order to scan through all aspects of Product Management, we deploy with you the following tools, among others:

  • Standard toolbox of Strategic Analysis (BCG, McKinsey, AD Little…), though systematically customized to the situation.
  • Quantified Value Analysis of the product / service.
  • Specific AppTek approach of product management “Product Pilot”: our dedicated marketing/technical project management process.
  • Suitable Project Management techniques, based on market standards: PMI / PMBOK, PRINCE2, SCRUM…

AppTek consultant owns the necessary seniority and track-record to be autonomous on the above techniques. It interfaces and reports to the Steering Committee or the Board. It can either support or replace an internal Project Manager.

The client benefits from an experienced and versatile resource, which is not necessary to keep, once the Project is over.

Agility in all your processes


Based on AppTek experience in Project Management, we can work with you on analysis and improvement of the whole set of processes of your company.

In such a case, AppTek consultant may position, upon demand, as a transition manager, and take in charge a company transformation, more or less significant, in cooperation with the shareholder, the Group Executive Committee, or any steering body.


AppTek proposes to train your teams on project management. The most effective solution is accompanying your teams or Project Managers in length, during an intervention sponsored by the management  (learning-by-doing).

The consultant supports the Project Manager through a benevolent, though demanding coaching, and communicates him the necessary reflexes to succeed, until they can be let in solo.

However, we propose training sessions, standard or bespoke, that enable junior Project Managers or Entrepreneurs to become familiar with Project Management essentials, and above all, to overcome the main hurdles.